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BAIMS is dedicated to the production of high-quality organic cosmetic products. To protect nature and environment, our responsibility to the customer and our ethical behaviour play an essential role in our company’s philosophy. This is why we only use natural raw materials which are not tested on animals and are free of any toxic components. We successfully developed an excellent decorative cosmetic line which combines a rich and natural beauty care concept with anti-aging effects while at the same time protecting animals and plants.

Our products present a real alternative to conventional make-up for all who do not only appreciate a perfect personal appearance but also a healthy lifestyle – in conformity with nature. With its elegant and modern design the brand BAIMS Natural Makeup is very attractively positioned and continuously improves the design concept: the packaging is primarily made of bamboo and all secondary paper packaging is made of only FSC certified paper.

Another major advantage of our products is the refill concept which we offer for all powders, eyeshadows, lipsticks and the cream foundation with SPF. You can continue to use our stylish high-quality packaging made of bamboo while reducing waste. Not only you will profit from this concept, but also the environment.